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Sorry to say this, But life can not be defined, because life is eternal and unlimited. It is useless to even think about that, although we have trying for so long now to circumscribe it. Life is one entity that is unique with infinite manifestations in permanent flux through the cycle of birth and death. Of course, birth and death are not the beginning and the end of anything, they are just means or passages from one existence to another, whenever we get old, tired or from other causal reasons. 

We have tried many definitions of life religiously, philosophically and socially. In the religious arena we have defined life as God, but God is not a believe it is a feeling. Meaning each individual is life, in other words God in a holographic way. Whenever we believe, we create separation that generate division, dependency, confusion, slavery, complex of superiority and inferiority, all the isms, servants, leaders and a diversity of conflicts. Making it difficult to live our true nature: Which is harmony, peace, serenity, joy and fundamental equality.


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