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We The Undersigned - Do NOT Want Any Change To Australia's Flag!

We demand that the proposal to change the Australian sporting flag be denied. The National Australian flag has been in existence since 1901 and is now representative of Australia's history. AusFlag, a lobby group, wants a new flag specifically for the sporting arena to differentiate the Australian flag from the British and New Zealand flags. 

Many Australians have served their country under what is currently the National Flag. To change it now would be a disgrace to Australia and it's people. Please listen to the Australian people and leave the Australian flag as it is.


Teresa Bayes

We now call on the Federal Government to consider the Voice of the Australian Public and NOT alter our Nations Flag.

The Australian flag was created through a contest held in 1901 when Australia became a single Commonwealth. There were 32,823 entries. The winning entries all had a very similar design which included three components: The Union Jack, the Commonwealth star, and the Southern Cross.

For the past century this flag has represented Australia's people and history, to change it now would be a disgrace to the country. 

The majority of this conflict developed due to the presentation of Australia's flag during sporting events. Some believe that the Australian flag must be changed because it looks to similar to the flags of Britain and New Zealand. However, Australia already has a sporting flag of the boxing kangaroo - therefore any change of flag is not necessary and does not represent the voices of many Australians. 

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