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The Minister for Justice with agreement from his cabinet colleagues Has  instigated a campaign of slash and burn to save costs within The Gardai ( police ). He has slashed the numbers of Gardai to such an extent that there is not enough Guards to police our Country Effectively . They are completely under manned under funded and resourced. They have to use clapped out equipment / vehicles some with as much as 2 million miles on the clock. There is not enough patrol cars to transport the Guards to incidents and when requests for assistance are requested by the public there is a rota system in place where a call for help is decided by how urgent the call sounds. This is entirely because there is not enough Guards or transport available anymore. The Minister has slashed the wages and conditions of the Gardai to such an extent that Moral has hit rock bottom. The Guards are completely disillusioned and suffering depression because the Minister has torn the Heart  out of the Force. The Pride Felt by our once Proud Men / Women has turned to disillusion. Depression is rife within the Gardai and will only be exasperated now with the sad News of the Slaying of One Of Their Colleagues whilst doing His Duty.  Elderly People / Pensioners Living in Rural / Isolated Areas Of Ireland are being Attacked In Their Homes in The Dead Of Night and Beaten Almost To Death For Their Meagre Savings. Some Have Indeed Died Of their Injuries  from Complications While Others Are Terrified To Return To Their Homes the Place Where They Have Lived All Their Lives Others Have Had To Go Into Nursing Homes to Live Out The Remaining Days Of Their Lives In Fear. Roaming Criminal Gangs have the Freedom To Come and Go as they Pleas and Where They Will. Because they Know that they Will Not Meet Any Gardai On Patrol again due to Lack Of Personnel Within The Gardai and Lack Of Transport For Them. People are being attacked in broad Daylight in our Cities and Towns by Low Life Elements Of Society because they also Know that the Chances Of Meeting A Guard On Patrol is Practically Nil.  How many Guards Do You See In Your Area On Patrol In Cars Or On Foot. It will answer the Question Itself When You Think About It.  This Cause Is To highlight The Plight Of the Guards and Indeed the Irish People. We Demand that Garda Numbers Be increased to a Level   Which is Required for the Guards To Police the Country in a Safe and Professional Manner. That Their Wages And Conditions be Re Turned to a Level that Befits The Dangerous Job That They Must Do. That the Training  Collage be Reopened and Recruiting  Started Immediately. That they be Immediately Given the Transport / Equipment that They Need To Police the Country For the Security Of The People.  That they Get The Back Up And Support that They Need From The Top Brass Within The Guards.  It is Time For Yes Men To Say No Enough Is Enough.  Guards Now Are Being Murdered On The Streets whilst Trying To Do Their Duty In Unbearable Conditions.  The Criminals Are Running The Streets / Towns / Cities At Will.  Low Life Elements Of Society are Free to Wander and  Do As They Please Assaulting and Robbing as they Go.  Money is Being Wasted And Squandered every Minute of Every Day By The Government  and Top Civil Servants. Corruption is Still Rife at The Top Tier Of Society And after All The Promises By Government Nothing Is Being Done to Stop It.  Big Business / Bankers Did and Still Do As They Please and No One Goes To Jail.  The Government Are So Out Of Touch With How Ordinary People  Have To Try And Live That After All The Cut Backs, The Hardship and Struggling That People Have To Endure They Joyfully Announce That They Are Going To Spend 20 Million Euro Refurbishing The National Gallery. How Many Guards / Nurses / Doctors / Fire Personnel or Other Frontline Staff Could  be Employed Or How Much Vital Equipment for The Guards / Hospitals / Schools  Could Be Bought For That Money.  Would More Frontline Staff Or Ensuring that Our Children Do Not Go To School Hungary not be More Important Than Housing Artefacts And Pictures in Luxury.   I appeal to you Good People Please Sign The Petition So That We Show This Minister For Justice And The Government That We The People Demand The all The Cuts To The Gardai Be Immediately Reversed.  Author James Lane. 


James Lane

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So that We The Decent Law Abiding People Can Feel Safe On The Streets And In Our Homes And Places Of Work As We Should Do.  So That The Guards Are Given the Numbers  And The Resources That They...

So that We The Decent Law Abiding People Can Feel Safe On The Streets And In Our Homes And Places Of Work As We Should Do.  So That The Guards Are Given the Numbers  And The Resources That They Require To Be Safe And To Be Able To Police The State And Protect The Law Abiding Citizens Of Ireland.  That they be Paid A Premium Rate and Given Conditions That Reflect The Dangerous Job That They Have To Do. Enough Good Guards Have Made The Ultimate Sacrifice And Given Their Lives Doing Their Duty Trying To Protect The Good People of Ireland. Garda Adrian Donoghue Must Be The Last Garda To Lose His Life On The Streets Of Ireland.


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