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Repost/distribute Jose Luis Discua's Wanted Poster in my City

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Milwaukee, WI - On January 3rd, 2012, 24 year old Dayana Garcia a young mother, sister and daughter was beaten and then stabbed to death by her estranged husband, Jose Luis Discua Bados, in the backyard of her mother's home and in front of her Grandmother.

Discusa Bados has been on the run since then. A native of Honduras, it is believed that he is still in the United States although he has family everywhere in the U.S., Honduras, Mexico and Spain.

Justice for Dayana is asking YOUR help. Simply pledge to print this Wanted Poster and hang it up in your city (Temporary or Pay per Day Employment Services would be ideal however ANYWHERE that is high traffic is perfect). Discua Bados is a trained welder, he is materialistic, wears gold, gets his eyebrows done and hair cut on a regular basis.

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To get a copy of the WANTED poster emailed to you, email us at [email protected]
Thank you!!

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