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On January 18, 2103, SPH Unionworks and HOT FM 91.3 released a press statement announcing the termination of contract of The Married Men. The Married Men is a morning drive time show hosted by deejays Rod Monteiro, Andre Houden, and Jillian Lim, along with two other producers. The radio show has a rather large fan following. On January 17, the deejays made a prank call to a woman on their humour segment "Kena Pluck". The telephone conversation involved an exchange of sexual dialogue, therefore breaching the terms of the contract that The Married Men signed with the radio station. Many of The Married Men's fans were taken aback when the radio station announced the termination of the radio show, as well as the dismissal of the deejays. Majority of listeners also expressed their discontent and disappointment on social networking sites, arguing that the measures taken against the deejays were simply too drastic. Many listeners also felt that the cancellation of the "Kena Pluck" humour segment, as well as a public apology from the crew would have been sufficient. Tuning in to The Married Men in the morning has become a part of the daily routine for many Singaporeans. Just like anyone else, the deejays of The Married Men also need a roof under their heads, and a rice bowl in front of them during mealtimes. They made a simple, forgivable mistake, which most importantly, was harmless. If HOT FM does not re-hire the crew of the aforementioned radio show, the station will lose long-time listeners, who will, as a result,  tune in to other local radio stations. 


Malcolm Low

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