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To - Prime Minister of Canada: seeking National and International Support

Many of the Cowichan Tribes members from Coast Salish Territory live in over-crowded conditions with up to 4 families living under one roof. There is a desperate need for housing units for individuals and younger families. The funding is  limited and marginalized with many homeless individuals on-off reserve. Many individuals move off-reserve and migrate into cities because there isn't funding available for single dwelling/apartment units on reserve; the housing policy by Canada is a Race Based Policy for Native Canada causing desperate conditions for Cowichan Members. The majority of housing units are constructed with cheaper and substandard material, which requires 2 or 3 renovations in one life time because of mold problems. 

I am campaigning for housing for Cowichan Members because its a Human Right for Shelter and its time to step up the pressure against Canada and Race Based Policies that promotes undue hardships and homelessness for Native Peoples. 

Please support or help create awareness. Seeking strong networking organizations to help with the problem of housing shortages on Cowichan Reserve. We have the lumber - I am seeking strong supports to create change.  

Aboriginal Affairs has a Commitment for Housing; no jobs on reserve in a land of wealth and prosperity; where 1/3rd of all resources are suppose to be shared with Native Bands (it doesn't exist; BC and Corporations just take it) with approximately 97% unemployment rate for Cowichan. Aboriginal Affairs provides 25,000. for a reserve home and the rest is a loan. ( a house could cost up to 250,000 with no employment on reserves - only band office employment ) The Government of Canada creates desperate conditions for Native Peoples through policies and cut backs. Cut backs for health, housing, employment initiatives, and justice. The policies are race based policies and the policies create desperate undue hardships for Native Canada and shelter is a priority! Canada owes Natives a house - according to historical agreements; but slowly and surely Canada is forcing Natives into Assimilation or Homelessness. 

It is a fiduciary responsibility for Canada to provide housing for Cowichan; Coast Salish Territory to meet the growing needs and population. British Columbia makes billions on lands and timber resources and Cowichan People live under crisis with constant and growing poverty. 

There are solutions for the crisis; I am seeking strong supports to act on solutions and resolution with Canada. Now Canada has a new scheme to impose Native Canada to pay for the housing, which wasn't the original agreement! Canada Breached the Original Agreement with Native Canada. (Remove Race Based Housing schemes imposed on Native Peoples of Canada)The timber belongs to Coast Salish Territory; existing Provincial and Corporate schemes makes it next to impossible to use the Timber from Coast Salish Territory for the Purpose of Housing for Status Indians. Yet it is a Resource and belongs to Cowichan. Shelter is a Human Right! There is a black mold crisis and housing shortage for Cowichan, let us work together to make this issue history! Housing is needed, it is a Crisis Situation! Reserves are in Decay!


Sharon Jimmy-Swustesia

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There is a Housing Crisis on Cowichan Reserve and people are sleeping under the bridge and our lands are in the middle of one of the highest tourist attraction areas of Canada, where millions of...

There is a Housing Crisis on Cowichan Reserve and people are sleeping under the bridge and our lands are in the middle of one of the highest tourist attraction areas of Canada, where millions of tourists make their way to Vancouver Island every single year. Tourism being a multi-million dollar industry for British Columbia. I would like to End Racism in Canada and Promote Awareness to end the struggles from race based policies causing housing shortages and crisis conditions on reserves and promote new agreements. Let us find Reconciliation and Justice for Cowichan Peoples, and accountability from all parties involved causing massive homelessness and great undue hardships. huy ch qu Sharon Lewis


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