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1000 Donors for the Less Fortunate Parrots 

Recruiting 1000 donors each committed to helping Under My Wing by donating $10 by February 14, 2013 

Your "Gift of Love" Makes a Difference!

Improving lives of parrots and making a major difference in their lives with our small contribution of service to their needs.

These are the less fortunate parrots who have found a home at our refuge.

PLEASE: "Be their Valentine"

Many are physically or behaviorally challenged and with issues that necessitate careful lifetime care. We care also for the unwanted, abused, neglected, abandoned, sick, and intolerable behaviors parrots entrusted to our care from prior owners, Humane Society, NJSPCA, St Hubert's Animal Control and other rescue organizations.

1000 Donors for the less Fortunate Parrots

A Gift of Love that Makes A Difference

Our charitable work is quite an undertaking where many rather give up a bird than to serve the birds needs attend to their care and love them unconditionally. For many birds we are their last line of support. Our caretakers generously dedicate their lives volunteer their time to care for these unwanted birds. More times than not the organization founder and board members use personal income in order to assure the birds are well cared for and not lack for anything. 

Under our standard of care, the birds have comfortable housing, an appropriate healthy diet, and a safe environment. They receive endless attention and affection to fulfill their unique physical, emotional, behavioral, and mental stimulation needs.

Our main services are not to be an intermediate place for birds.  The majority of relinquished birds come to Under My Wing to live as permanent residents. These birds are relinquished only after every possible attempt has been sought and found no other option due to; physically or behaviorally challenged, the elder, life time illness or other that that necessitates a careful lifetime care.

We are not a parrot rescue business whose main purpose may be to adopt-out birds. However, in order to eliminate hoarding and assist other rescue organizations, we network with the Humane Societies, SPCA, rescue organizations and like organizations when experiencing overcrowding and are in need of our help or if they are unable to support the needs of their intake of abused, abandoned birds.

In such a case we do seek to find the birds those birds a permanent home and thou network we seek to find many individuals who may have been qualified for parrot guardianship.

Thank you for being their Valentine.

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