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Foodwatershelter is happy to be partnering with the Kenyan Permaculture Research Institute (PRI Kenya) to offer Kiswahili speakers the opportunity to attend a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course.  Led by Kenyan instructors together with local presenters, the course aims at teaching participants the ethics and principles of permaculture design in:

·  Sustainable farming and household gardening for self-reliance

·  Natural regeneration and food forests

·  Soil and water management including composting and swale design

·  Appropriate technology such as rocket stoves and sanitation options

·  Income generation solutions like honey, mushrooms and aquaculture

·  An introduction to nutrition and natural medicine

Many of the local residents hoping to attend this course cannot afford the course fees, so we are looking to raise money so that we can offer scholarships to as many individuals as possible.  We would like East African residents to have the opportunity to attend this course without putting financial strain on them or their families.

Please help us spread the knowledge and power of sustainable farming in East Africa!

Any amount of money that you can contribute is greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

Thank you in advance.

For further information on foodwatershelter and other PDC`s please visit our website at:

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