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"Miami has long been called the 'shopping cart' for Latin America, and as globalization continues to grow across the region and hundreds of thousands are lifted from poverty into the middle classes, their demand for everything from better cell phones to better washers and dryers is expected to accelerate."  World City 2012 Miami Trade Numbers, "A Hundred Billion Dollar Year" p. 6-8, 14

This phenomena is particularly important for the Miami Customs District (as opposed to other customs districts such as Houston) as Miami exports an array of high tech products mostly to Latin America. However in order to lift people from poverty into the middle class, the population needs the knowledge and tools to improve their economic living standards.  This technical assistance and training is specifically FAVACA's mandate and demarcates our very timely and necessary role.

Together let's make our voice heard. Supporting FAVACA improves trade, creates jobs, and creates goodwill among our neighbors.


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