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Hello there! 

Welcome. Our "Team A\V" is composed of my friend Akash and I. We are raising money for Dance-A-Thon 2013. When you donate, your money will go DIRECTLY to Civitan. It is safe, and what better place than to donate...

Since 1974, Dance-a-thon has been and continues to be one of Junior Civitan's top annual fundraising events. Any Junior Civitan who raises enough support can participate in the 12-hour dance marathon to raise funds for the Civitan International Foundation, and its flagship project, the UAB Civitan International Research Center. This event raises approximately $40,000 each year and has raised over $1.1 million since its inception.

I have had the pleasure of fundraising for Dance-A-Thon once before in 2010. I want to make it online this year to raise as much support as possible because I sincerely want to make lives of those with developmental disabilities better. Specifically, I am fundraising for "Dance-A-thon 2013" because I often feel like people with developmental disabilities are marginalized by society, and I want to help fix that by making those individuals' lives better. Dance-A-Thon is one of many events I support as the President of the Junior Civitan Club at my high school.

I joined Junior Civitan in 2009 and as days passed I became more and more involved with its diverse community service projects like Community Meals for low-income families, "Stuff-A-Bus" food drives, and social awareness campaigns. As much as I have helped others through my involvement, this club has helped me become a more social, caring, and service-oriented leader. My contributions continue...

$150 is the minimum for one person, so combined our goal is $300 for the BARE MINIMUM. However, we would like to get well past it. :)


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