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Law Enforcement in Central Florida

Please target sex buyers in our community.  Arrest them.  Impound their Cars.  Convict them.  Provide access to Professional Mental Health Services for them - at their expense - so they understand the impact their actions are having on the community. 


Jesse Maley

This petition closed about 3 years ago

How this will help

    More than 85% of men questioned state that nothing more than the threat of arrest would be enough motivation for them to not seek out commercial sex services.

  Many studies have examined...

    More than 85% of men questioned state that nothing more than the threat of arrest would be enough motivation for them to not seek out commercial sex services.

  Many studies have examined mens motivation for buying sex, and found that there is a wide range of reasons for buying sex from prostitutes.  Many are seeking intimacy or a way to approximate intimate relationships they are unable or unwilling to develop.  Just as many seek sex without intimacy or a way to get sex without the investment and compromises needed for intimate relationships.  Some seek variety and want to fulfill a desire for sex with women of various "types," based on ethnicity, size, age, hair color, etc.  A few are thrill-seeking by being drawn by the "thrill of the hunt" and the illicit nature of prostitution. 

  But most – in addition to the previously cited reasons for buying sex – is a pathology that is drawn by compulsion, addiction, or by other forms of social, psychological, or misogyny where the intent is to control and harm.  Just as an alcoholic is compelled to drink and a drug user is compelled to do drugs, a sex addict seeks to feed his sexual appetite which – as with any addictive behavior – grows according to the amount of time he invests in his addiction. 

      Reverse sting operations provide those prevention services have been proven to be easy to implement and are revenue producing for both the Law Enforcement Agency conducting the actual sting operation, the Social Service Agency providing the testing and counseling and provides resources for the countless victims who have become trapped in prostitution.

    It is our premise that the underlying problem of the buyers of sex services and products is Sex Addiction. Treating the underlying problem just makes more sense.

The Objective

•  Identify First Time Sex Service Buyers, Potential Sex Offenders and Predators by targeting them in regular reverse sting operations.

•  Test for Sex Addiction, Sex Offenders and Sex Predators On Site while they wait for processing and to have their vehicles released from impound.

•  Test for Drugs and STD's On-Site.

•  Provide follow up support for the Justice System by implementing a "John School", individual and group therapy as well as comprehensive reporting for State Prosecutors, the Department of Corrections and the Department of Probation at the offender's expense.

·  Provide onsite legal counsel to be available at the offenders expense both from the public defender's office and private attorney's.

•  Provide On-Site Online Testing Services for Sex Addiction (Sexual Dependency Inventory) by licensed and trained Social Worker with results available on demand.

•  Provide scheduled One Day John School within 7 days of Reverse Sting Operation at the expense of the offender.

•  Provide a 6 hour, 10 consecutive weekend day John School curriculum for second time prostitution related offenders.

•  Offer offenders with previous criminal history additional testing and treatment at their expense.

•  Provide written report for the Justice System to use for any criminal proceedings at the expense of the offender.


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