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One of the reasons we see traffickers are able to take advantage of girls in Nepal is because they have little education and lack of opportunity. So a trafficker will approach a family or a girl to offer her a job. Because she has no opportunity she hopes and her family has hope they all will have a of a better life. She will accept an offer that will turn out to be the beginning of a nightmare. She will be raped for days, starved, tortured until she complies. Then they will begin to sell her to have sex with as many as 30 men a day. She now is a sex slave
Through Free for LIfe's border monitoring stations we have been able to help rescue 270 girls to date. In 2013 we are going to take that one step further. Funding is always an issue but we have the funds to start. So we are believing that God is telling us to step out in faith as he has done time and time again. 
This year Free for Life will be opening 2-3 tailoring classes through each of our partner border monitoring stations in Nepal both on the India and the Tibet borders. This year our plan is to teach between 100 and 150 girls the skill of tailoring through 6 months work of training free of charge. 
 That means we will have around 50 girls graduating per class at least. Free for Life does not just want to stop at the classes we would love to be able to give each girl that graduates from the classes a graduation gift of a sewing machine.  By giving her this graduation gift she will then have the ability to set up her own tailoring shop from any where SHE CHOOSES. A sewing machine costs around $100.  So this fundraiser will provide 60 sewing machines. Were talking $6,000 We can do this but as always we need your help. 
Don't worry if you cannot afford the entire machine stitch a quarter of a machine with another person's quarter of their machine. Together we will get to the 60 machines needed right now. That is only $6,000 we can do this
Please let us not just rescue these girls but, Stitch our Hearts together with the girls our border monitoring stations are able to rescue as well as those they find to be at high risk of being trafficked and give them the gift to CHOOSE and sew into their future.

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