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Tennisman is calling for justice:

-As the evidence and the facts presented in the criminal case were not true.

-That this case was a civil matter between Tennisman and Sprint but ended up being the State of Maryland versus Tennisman.

-That there were about 15 people in the store at the time this incident occurred but both the Sprint manager and the police officer failed to provide any witnesses to back up their stories. 

As a result of Sprint's negligence and false testimony under oath, Tennisman suffered humiliation, pain, embarrassment, and mental anguish .Tennisman requests public support to demand Sprint to compensate Tennisman for his damages.

Tennisman is a 52 year old father of 2 without prior criminal history. 

Please SIGN the PETITION to show your SUPPORT 

""We, the undersigned, call on Sprint to compensate "Tennisman" for false testimony  and damages. "    

Thank you for your Support 

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