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Tyson claims to be an industry leader at the forefront of animal welfare while relying upon inhumane farming practices. Throughout its promotional materials, Tyson claims to provide environments "favorable" to pigs. However, Tyson uses gestation crates, in which pregnant sows are unable to turn around, comfortably lie down, or take more than a step forward or backward.

Similarly, Tyson claims to provide a "comfortable environment" for chickens. Yet, comparing Tyson's methods to welfare-protecting alternatives regarding housing density, lighting, and weight gain, the Animal Welfare Institute found that Tyson "produce[s] no humanely raised chicken products." Animal protection groups have routinely exposed animal cruelty in slaughterhouses connected to Tyson, which relies on broiler houses for its production and uses methods that cause rapid and debilitating weight gain for the "broiler hens."

Most recently undercover video footage exposed workers kicking and punching pigs at a Tyson supplier's facility, in contrast to Tyson's claims to be a leader in animal well-being.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a complaint against Tyson Foods, Inc. for violating the Federal Trade Commission Act that calls for fair business practices. ALDF's complaint asks the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and put an end to deceptive marketing tactics used by Tyson.

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