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Try my hardest to overturn this criminal act.

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How this will help

how can camelot be allowed to raise the price of a lottery ticket,from £1 to £2 without a public enquiry.

their reason is,it will raise the prize money to be won (wow),how much does one want to win ?.

for us all to take advantage of this £1 hike/ticket, %100 hike all in one go, we have to win something, that does not happen very often,if at all, for some player' in the long run we are going to spend more money on buying the ticket's.

they have also added 50p to the euro lottery, for a raffle ticket number,that is harder to win than the lottery itself,of which other European Countrie's do not have this 50p raffle charge.

also the greedy people at camelot have brought out a £10 scratch card,what kind of people can afford to pay £10 for a scratch card,probably the vulnerable will think they can ?.

spare money is hard to come by for most people at the moment,and the country is in dire straits,yet these greedie's  are taking the urine out of us common people.

i would like to appeal to all my friend's on face book, if you have any moral's, to share this with all your friend's, and boycott the greedy camelot lottery,and dont let them treat us like a piece of dog poo,if they go ahead with this obscene act of robbery,there are other lottery's to play.

it is not any good in lobbying this government,because,some of them are urinating in the same bucket as camelot.

if i find out you have not shared this proposed boycott,you may see me walking down your garden path one night  :)


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