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The Boots Before you is an initiative by the Family Support Brigade whose mission is to provide our military community of all backgrounds and generations the opportunity to share and preserve their stories.

We do this to remind one another of our shared experiences and how we learn from each other.  Your stories strengthen and build the connections between our service members, teach the value of commitment and support, and knit into the fabric of our communities the understanding that every life story matters. As military families we know too well the challenges of our service commitment, yet few civilians truly understand the realities of our service and sacrifice.

As military members we also know it's easier to learn from those who've been there before us, over some website.  At the same time, we're hoping to "give purpose" back to that service member struggling, send them words of hope and encouragement from someone who's been in their boots.  

Building from your stories we will create an invaluable collection of military experiences and wisdom through past generations to future generations; to learn and share from the most memorable moments to the most challenging time in boots.

Visit us on facebook at or and send your letter via the Contact Form or email at [email protected].  Check out the letters and share a bit of history.  We accept letters from family members, friends, mentors, distant relatives.  The letters will be shared and catalogued with the Library of Congress.

Help us preserve the experiences, good and bad, so our next generation of heroes know the boots they walk in are shared with the boots before them.

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