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Debunk lies against Islam when and wherever they are espoused.

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As an American citizen who's chosen to practice the faith of Islam, part of my jihad (a word severely misinterpreted by Islamaphobes -- intentionally) is to debunk the lies that are devised and propagated against Islam and Muslims.

I believe it is every Muslims' responsibility to be involved in this cause, in whatever way that they can as we need to offer a correct image of Islam which conflicts with the smear campaign being devilishly generated by Islamaphobes and terrorists -- both extremists.

However, we also ask that others of good conscience, no matter what their faith or if they have no particular faith, to also join this worthy cause. While we all have freedom of speech, we demand that those who are being paid to smear and defame Islam to instead speak truthfully when they speak of Islam, rejecting their exaggerations and outright lies against Islam.  We would also like for them to be held accountable for representing the truth and base their claims of verifiable facts with which they are not the authors! They should know that we do not need Islamaphobes to define or re-define Islamic terms for us or the general public. This includes their misinterpretation of Islamic texts, whether intentional (which is usually the case) or not.

We also believe that no elected officials can proper represent anyone if they support and enable bigotry. We've seen more than enough of this unethical, Islamaphobic behavior, particularly during this past presidential election cycle.

Just as adherents of other faiths are seen as individuals when they commit crimes or acts of violence and their faiths suffer no persecution, that same view should be afforded to Islam and Muslims (seen as separate and unattached to the wrongdoing adherents' misdeeds).

As a precaution, trust, if you must, but verify.


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