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The journey to the Chinchali Fair, an annual festival in India, brings great hardship to thousands of bullocks, ponies, and horses who are forced to run for two days straight—for as long as 150 miles—hauling carts jam-packed with large families. Along the route, these animals often collapse from exhaustion, injuries, dehydration, and despair. 

With your help, Animal Rahat can prevent an enormous amount of suffering by doing the following: 

• Supplying free buses to take families to and from the fair, sparing hundreds of animals this harrowing trip.

• Establishing compulsory rest camps along the most heavily traveled routes with food and clean water for often exhausted animals.

• Giving medical treatment to animals suffering from wounds, dehydration, lameness, or other health issues.

• Placing educational banners along the most-traveled routes and around the fair site with important messages, such as warning people that it's illegal to hitch bullocks and horses together (Their gaits are too different, and a horse's neck can't sustain the weight of the yoke.)

• Confiscating yoke spikes (painful and illegal devices that stab bullocks on their necks and faces if they step too far to the side.)

• Implementing many other innovative and effective tactics that can save thousands of animals from misery.

The Chinchali Fair is quickly approaching, and we need your help right now to make these ambitious plans a success. Your generous gift today will support Animal Rahat's efforts and change the lives of so many animals put at risk during this annual ceremony. 

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