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to prevent human trafficking/pedophilia/sex slaves..When I  was in Cambodia researching human trafficking with my television co-producer, we were apalled to find children aged 3 or 4 years old carrying other minors whom were even younger i.e. infants, walking around the Cambodian border begging for money. What was even worse is that these children offered themselves for sex, particularly to men, especially oral sex just for enough money for food. I noticed several male Cambodians offering themselves. When I spoke to Cambodian officials I learnt that the children had been abducted or paid for by gangs. I asked about the NGO'S, CHARITIES, apparently they were doing nothing and some even paid for the services themselves. I am petitioning for the government to allow for easier adoption rules that extricate them from harm. EASIER
ADOPTIAN RULES AND ALSO TO ALLOW FOR MASS INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION AS IT IS NOT CURRENTLY SANCTIONED. These children suffer horrifically, get stds, urinary tract infections from being forced to have 12 hour sex straight and die from internal vaginal and anal damage. THEY ALSO HAVE IMPETIGO ON THEIR FACES, SORES A


Venetia Elizondo Vega

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the solution is so simple, allow for international adoption that is simple and not complex and the child sex trade will be eradicated

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