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Foreign peoples upon our homelands of Qu'wut'sun and Canada

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Aboriginal Affairs lands, Vancouver office, Aboriginal Affairs lands, Ottawa, ON office Lands of Cowichan Tribes Reserves; Protect and Sustain the the rights of land and estates of the Original Families of Qu'wut'sun; Remove lands administration who do not know our families or longhouse protocols on lands and administration of lands from Cowichan Tribes. Remove people who are not born into Cowichan, to take control or steal our lands through office powers. Return the lands and estates to the Grandchildren of those Estates. Under Aboriginal lands acts - we apparently have protection under Land Acts...we don't see that protection today from Cowichan Tribes Reserves. What the Original Families Qu'wut'sun' are experiencing is conflict between foreign governing laws with respect to lands. Aboriginal affairs policy and legislative laws do not protect the original families or individuals of Coast Salish Territory - the hereditary Chief’s and Grandchildren of Qu’wut’sun. Lands of Coast Salish Territory were under Control of the Clan Mothers; who carry the Word of Law of the Lands. The people gathered in the Longhouse to discuss any issues concerning our nation. One being the Land problem; today, there are foreign procedures being used to deal with land issues which permits abuse of the Hereditary Chief’s children or Grandchildren of the Land and destruction of the land base. The land base is under conflict and abuse, without cultural protection by the original families. The Clan Mothers carry the Word of Law, and have been trained through the longhouse for a Million Years. The Lands Administration of Band Lands, or Aboriginal Affairs lands and Provincial Government is a foreign body which permits abuse of the lands and transfers of lands, selling off the land and resources without cultural protection and consultation. If our grandfathers (Hereditary Chiefs) wanted to sell the land or give it away they would not have died trying to save it for their grandchildren. They did not give up the lands of Coast Salish Territory to a foreign body or population. Coast Salish Territory is Cultural Land Base, unceded territory. Reformation on the justice of lands and Legislation of Cultural Land Base is required, to give voice to the Clan Mothers who Carry the Word of Law of the Lands. Lands were transferred under Elective Powers utilizing a foreign system of Land Administration controlled under the Federal Government of Canada. We would like the Original Families of Qu'wut'sun of Coast Salish Territory living on their Hereditary and Ancestral Land Base. Restore the Lands to Original families who carry the word of law of the land. Protect the cultural and ancestral rights of the Clan Mothers and remove foreign policy and legislation of the lands, which permits untold abuses and cultural violations. The land, water, and forests are growing weaker as the original families and Clan Mothers, and Hereditary Chief's grandchildren become pushed off their ancestral lands. We ask for protection and support from United Nations for Indigenous Human Rights of Coast Salish Territory.


Sharon Tslaw'halum

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The Native Women of Coast Salish Territory carry the Word of Law, and carry the Law of the Land. Let us protect the women and word of law of Coast Salish Territory.


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