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As a current student or alum of IIT Delhi (Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi) please sign this petition if you believe that -- 

  • No woman deserves what happened to "Nirbhaya" on the night of December 16 2012 in Delhi, India,
  • The criminals who perpetrated the crime of rape and murder of "Nirbhaya" should be properly punished and that such crime should be prevented and deterred in the future.
  • A woman has a right to her own body and that includes the right to say "no" to any man.
  • It is the most fundamental purpose of government to provide its citizens - including women - with proper law and order, which includes the rule and enforcement of law and meting out of justice.
  • We as students/alumni of IIT Delhi should add our voices to other citizens of India and Delhi voicing similar protests.


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