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Please tell President Obama to call Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and demand action. We must have 25,000 signatures on the White House Petition by January 24th.

Over two years ago, Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking (MENAPAT) began to uncover the massive amount of this illegal and abusive content on Facebook. In just one day, MENAPATdiscovered over 1,400 illicit images of children on the Facebook through closed "groups," fake profiles, "special events," "interests," and "likes" created by predators who then trade and share extremely illicit images of abused children.

Speaking about illicit images of children on Facebook, the company's "Safety Team Leader" recently told MENAPAT, "there's plenty of it."

Despite the severity and prevalence of these illicit images on Facebook, the company has not implemented effective policies or procedures to block these crimes from taking place.

We will not allow Facebook to hide the fact that there is "plenty" of this often deadly content on their site. The only acceptable amount is zero.

If change is going  to happen, it's up to us. Our opinion is that Facebook cannot be trusted with the safety of our children.

Do you want to help us change the world? Right now, you can take real action and make a difference.

In the past year MENAPAT has worked successfully to pass legislation, advised State and Federal Lawmakers, and fought corporate ignorance all to protect young victims from the tragedy of sexual abuse.

Even though it has taken almost two years to reach 1.36 million members of this Cause, the monumental task of taking on Facebook is only one of our projects. Right now, you can discover what more is being done and how you can help. To go even further, MENAPAT needs your generous support.


  • Improve and strengthening State and Federal Legislation
  • Educate State and Federal lawmakers 
  • Mobilize the global public to demand justice
  • Challenge all those who are complicit in the crimes of prostitution and human trafficking around the world.


Simply visit MENAPAT and follow the "Donate button." It's very easy and very important.

Thank you,
Men Against Prostitution And Trafficking

Men Against Prostitution and Human Trafficking (MENAPAT) is an Independent Expenditure-Only Political Action Committee (PAC) registered with the United States Federal Election Commission. Beyond that, MENAPAT is a growing network of all people who refuse to allow these crimes to continue.


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