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Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Las Vegas animal control is negligent as to the condition of abused or neglected animals. I have reported this insident to over 20 resources and when the Animal Control of Clark county came out they stated to Channel 13 news that there was no abused or neglected animals when in fact this white horse and an English Mastiff are starving to death and for days I personally saw how  the owner  improperly feed the horses and the Mastiff looked like bones with a sheet over it! 

This also happened at Patriots Legacy Ranch were I personally removed a 4 month old pit bull being head butted while tied up in ram pen and removed the horse Topper which I still have.

There is no room for such oversight on any living creature. If this were a child these people would be in prison right now. 

As well the animal control did not report the people living in metal work sheds which i witnessed first hand.

I am requesting that action for these two animals at said  Ranch  be removed or surrendered a soon as possible. I have already called her and asked If I could buy the Mastiff ... I never got a call back. 

Lets please do the right thing her! 

City Hall 495. S. Main St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 229-6241 Fax: (702) 385-7960l 

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Omega La Von

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How this will help

Because it is the humaly thing to do!


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