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What is the Secret Sandy Claus Project?

The Secret Sandy Claus Project is officially an arm of America's Disaster Relief organization. America's Disaster Relief is a non-profit organization that is supported solely by grants, fund raisers and donations. It is recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service,  is ran by CEO,  Jan France and has a proven track record of providing disaster relief to many different areas of the United States for over a decade. 

The Secret Sandy Claus Project began in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Michael "Sandy Claus" Sciaraffo decided to don a Santa suit and find children who lost their toys in the storm in the Rockaways, Brooklyn, Staten Island and some parts of New Jersey; wherever they may be. The goal was to match up each child with a toy they had lost or asked for Christmas from Santa. By December 21st, 2012, the Secret Sandy Claus Project was featured in every newspaper around the world. The project had now garnered worldwide and national news media attention such as the Associated Press, CNN , ABCWorld News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Fox News Channel, CBS National News and many other news outlets, From there it blossomed rapidly and grew exponentially with each passing day into a grass roots run relief effort utilizing the use of social media, volunteers, donations, data collection, transportation capabilities, storage facilities and a common goal: to help those affected by Superstorm Sandy put the pieces of their lives back together. There are over 100 pages listing homes that need to be rebuilt on our current lists of requests. There are many thousands more. Please see the attached requests I have received below this document.

The Secret Sandy Claus Project will partner with organizations already assisting on the ground, to maximize the impact of every dollar donated by making bulk purchases of food, water and other supplies needed to provide relief in affected areas. This will help to alleviate the financial burdens place on relief hubs and relief organizations.

The Secret Sandy Claus Project /America's Disaster Relief mission has been to strategically organize relief by recruiting volunteers, truck donations, monetary and physical donations, and address the needs of those affected by Superstorm Sandy. The Secret Sandy Claus Project is currently seeking funds to purchase wholesale priced lumber , American-made sheet rock, insulation, nails , screws, tools , compound, etc.

The Secret Sandy Claus Project plans to also maintain its commitment to the children affected by Superstorm Sandy. An Easter/Passover, toy distribution event will be planned for the Rockaways, followed by a Christmas in July in Staten Island, and an effort to recruit enough Santa 's and toys in time for Christmas, to have multiple Santa's operating in different locations and maximizing the commitment of the original mission this movement was born out of. Since toy distribution can rely heavily on simple toy donations, financial costs related to toy distribution are kept to a minimum, allowing the majority of financial donations to be used directly for relief.

The power of this movement has been proven and has the structure in place to start putting a dent into the damage that wreaked havoc across our ocean fronts. With the use of this extensive network already built by the Secret Sandy Claus Project/America's Disaster Relief, there is so much potential for us to help the people who need it most. The only missing ingredient in the formula is a lack of funding. If given a significant amount of money , we would be able to buy American made sheetrock, insulation , lumber and other necessary building materials for half the price of a retailer. 

We have spreadsheets filled with the hundreds of volunteers necessary to take up the work of compiling data of donors and requests, making phone calls and soliciting donations, both monetary as well as furniture, food , clothing , cleaning supplies, appliances , etc. Having a way to do all of this is just one decision away. The Robin Hood Foundation funding we need to be given to America's Disaster Relief will directly benefit the Secret Sandy Claus Project by funding it with enough dollars to actually start the work lies ahead. We are ready for action and are just waiting for you to make it happen. Thousands of people across the Northeastern coastal communities affected by Sandy are counting on you.

Sign this petition now and spread the word if you strongly believe that the Robin Hood Foundation should fully fund the Secret Sandy Claus Project and keep Santa's sleigh fueled up!!!

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What is America's Disaster Relief? America's Disaster Relief is a non-profit organization supported solely by grants, fund raisers and donations. It is recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service

What is the purpose of America's Disaster Relief?

The goal of America's Disaster Relief is to help families in the Continental United States get back on their feet after disasters like floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other catastrophic events.  We offer needed items when the shock wears off and reality sets in.

How does this organization work?
We assist in two different ways:
We have a MobileDisaster Kitchen – when geographically possible we go to the disaster location and feed disaster victims FREE in their neighborhood. When fire, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes strike, America's Disaster Relief is a second responder. After the first responders leave, America's Disaster Relief arrives to help survivors put their lives back together with personal and household items delivered by 18 wheelers to a prearranged distribution location.

How are we organized?America's Disaster Relief is governed by a board of directors and hundreds of volunteers across the USA.

Where we have helped?


We have also helped many in personal house fires, worked with Battered Woman Shelters

How can you help?

Gift certificates and cash donations are always welcome. 
All donations are tax deductible. 
Those in the Western Colorado and the Tampa Bay Area of Florida area can donate household items like bedding, 
furniture, kitchen items, personal and baby items, cleaning supplies, and foods.(see our Suggested Donations tab on our web site

P.O. Box 1803 Montrose, CO 81402  [email protected]


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If you believe in the mission of the Secret Sandy Claus Project/America's Disaster Relief and its ability to deliver the desperately needed items you all need, then please sign this petition. Let...

If you believe in the mission of the Secret Sandy Claus Project/America's Disaster Relief and its ability to deliver the desperately needed items you all need, then please sign this petition. Let the Robin Hood Foundation know just what kind of support this project has. Tell them they need to fund America's Disaster Relief organization so that the Secret Sandy Claus Project will have the funding it needs to accomplish its mission. As with everything we have accomplished from the very beginning, this will be up to all of you to make the impossible possible again. Let's do this! Sign your name proudly and share it with anyone who needs help rebuilding their homes from anywhere in the affected Northeastern coastal communities.


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