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Help protest for the surrender of Bubba the Mastiff!

This pledge closed almost 4 years ago

How this will help

I need support physically to protest saving a starving male Mastiff...Ive called animal rescue groups, LVPD animal control.all the animal abuse and shelters in Nevada, all the news channels in Las Vegas and Loren form channel 13 called me and told me that Clark county animal control came out and inspected the horses and dogs and didnt see any thing wrong...a starving horse, horses without water for days at a time. a emaciated male fawn Mastiff who weighs maybe 60 - 70 lbs and my 5 year old Mastiff weighs 140 and my male weighs 130. I HAVE to help this dog what else can I do? 

Please help those who cant speak for themselves...isnt that what bieng human....


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