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It's all good in wanting to help others in other countries & also the ones that do come to live here in harmony with us, but what about our own that are also suffering with poverty which brings a multitude of problems that could be avoided if things were kept at home first & then when all is said & done by all means try and make other unfortunate lives better but a lot of the times do they really receive what's sent over to them or is it being put to good use, we would like to think so.. This is not by any means of being selfish it's what you would call as Self caring & then Sharing !!  What do think ??


Danielle Tremblay

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How this will help

We are a caring peaceful country but by helping our own first would be of great examples & not to mention would help with our deficit in bettering our health system & our poverty stricken to a better mental health...

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