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What Statistics Say

2 Children are sold into slavery every 60 seconds
– People may pay as little as $100 or less to do unspeakable things to children the age of those pictured here
– These two little lives reside in a community ripe for child sexual exploitation
– Approximately $32 billion USD is spent annually to exploit such precious lives
– Millions of children are being preyed upon
– During the time it took to read this, some battles have been lost

What We Say:
It is such a privilege and a blessing to be a part of trying to impact and shape lives of vulnerable, discarded and exploited people. This type of work should not have to exist in this world but unfortunately the reality is: life is cruel! Life is not fair. And life is getting extinguished daily for so many who are hoping, praying and waiting for the day when their desperate pleas get answered by anyone or anything. By someone; perhaps even YOU!

– It is lonely in the trenches. Hope For the Silent Voices needs YOU!
– Together we can make a difference
– The perfect time is now (It may be the only time)
– Please support the efforts here

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