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The right to know what we are buying is basic. Triply so with food.
Labelling Legislation has been under discussion regarding Ritually Slaughtered halal meat for years - and now there are many halal products that are being produced for the Non-Muslim mainstream market - both food and non-food products & services. All this inspection and monitoring by muslims involves a cost and displaying the halal certification sign involves extra charges which many companies do not pay... so  many halal products are unlabelled despite the fact they have been produced under a rigorous Religious Standard.
Clearly we cannot rely on Religious Minorities to adequately label mainstream products & services. Our own Governments are elected to ensure that legislation is put in place to inform and protect consumers.
Too much time has been wasted talking about whether Ritually Slaughtered livestock are stunned, low-stunned, post-stunned or not stunned at all.
Consumers have the right to know whether they are buying products or services that are subject to a Religious Standard; and by Signing this Petition we are pressing our Policy Makers for Legislation that will make it possible for all Religious Standard products & services to display a simple and inexpensive 'RS' sign at the point of sale.


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