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Anyone we can to get help!

We are here asking for your help!

In the last few months we have been trying different ways to get help for sick,neglected, much needed help for 150+ horses.

The person who calls them self a horse rescuer, has far too many horses to look after. The horses are in such bad shape no words can express the way these beautiful animals look. From dreadful feet, rain scald etc, most have no fat on them at all its amazing some can even stand.

They live on dirt there is no grass there lucky to even drink clean water. On hot days, there are 'angels' in the area who make sure they have water because the owner does not care.

So many people have offered her help but she continually refuses

People HAVE seen these horses with their own eyes, and now we know why she refuses help.

The RSPCA are involved and have taken some horses from her care but there are so many more that need it NOW, before its too late!!

We are asking people to help, and by signing this petition you will be speaking up for those who cant talk for them selves. While we eat fresh foods daily and lay in our nice beds, these lovely, once loved horses, have nothing.

PLEASE help us to get these horses released from the abuse, out of harms way and in to loving people's arms who can help these beautiful animals, and love them the way they should be. AND hopefully help to change the laws so this does not happen again.

Thanking everyone in advance for your co-operation and help and remember that everyone/everything deserves to live a good life the way they choose.


Julie Marshall

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How this will help

With out your help these horses will die,

Maybe this video clip will help you!!!


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