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Art Works Downtown, Inc, a 501(c)3 corporation, is a non-profit art center. Located in a historic(originally an opera house), brick building in downtown San Rafael, CA, our 40,000 square-foot building houses 3 galleries, 35 art studios, a café, a jewelers guild, a frame shop, a ceramic center and low-income apartments. We feature new exhibits, events and classes every month as well as outreach programs and 6 public art installations throughout San Rafael.

As part of our commitment to the community, Art Works Downtown rents 17 affordable apartments to artists and others who qualify for very low income housing.  We currently require funding of $158,000 to bring to code(mandated by the City of San Rafael) the fire safety/sprinkler systems in these very low income apartments located above the retail units at 1337-1325 Fourth Street, between C + D streets.  We have a sense of urgency with this need, as our fire safety deadline is Dec 2013.  The apartments are in an urban setting with proximity to other businesses, restaurants and children's activities. Children's art classes are frequently conducted in the bottom floor of this complex, as well as art classes for those with special needs.  Fire in an apartment could potentially threaten those at high risk in the rest of the building, including children, seniors, and special needs students.

We have improved most of our historic building by bringing it to code over the past few years, raising $1.3 million in donations for capital improvements. Sprinkler systems were funded and installed last year in 35 artists studios + our main gallery(1st & 2nd floors).

We hope you will donate now and become part of the solution towards a completely fire safe art center in downtown San Rafael.  Thank you!


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