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Fort Myers / Lee County court house in regards to Kourtney Adam Terrill who is facing 25 years in prison for 1st degree murder charges

 when i was 16 to the age of 21 i went threw an abusive relationship, some people may ask why it took so long to leave, many women have the one day he is going to change syndrom and they dont want to leave bc of the fact they had strong feelings for that someone or  that they thought they  where in love with them, to answer the question i had that syndrom,  until when i reliazed there not enough excuses he could use to make it right to put his hands on me regradless of alchol or drugs it wasnt right,  i have a daughter by him , in which one day he was watching her  when i was at work, i came home to my daughter choking on a dime she was only 11 months old , he was to busy doing coke with his buddys to realize she was choking, i then got the dime out , i went to go put my daughter in the car, bc i was leaving him, once she was in the car, he ran up from behind me and pulled me down on the ground by my hair and started punching me in my face with his right hand holding me down and squeezing my throat with the left  and kicking in my ribs i then gotten away and i ran to the car , where he ran after me reaching threw the car window he grabbed the seat belt and wrapped it around my throat chokeing me, i felt as if i was on my last breath of air,  until a nieghbor pulled him off of me and put a gun to his head threating him that he would shoot him if he put another hand on me , i was then terrified to leave him bc he treaten to kill me and my family if i told anyone about it, then on my 21st birthday we were in the world golf village celebrateing at the bar , in which his older brother was our dd and he drove us there and from the bar, when we gotten to his brothers house,him and his brother went inside while me and a roommate of ours stayed in the car, little did i know when he was inside he gotten into a fight with his brother over wanting the keys to the car to drive and he hit his own brother over the head with a metal pipe, he took the keys and ran to the car and yelled for my roommate to old me down and not let me out the car bc he knew i was going to run bc i didnt belieave in drinking and driving due to friends of mine dieing in dui accidents, he took off in the car , where i then was fighting my way trying to get out the car, when he started exceeding to 70 miles per hour going threw  the meadows, where he then lost control at the entrance and the car spun four times flipped twice and hit a brick wall where the car landed up side down in a ditch, my seat belt broke and i went threw the windshild,  thank god for the ditch i landed in and my roommate breaking a window and dragging me out  saving my life, the doctors told me if i didnt have alchol in my system that night i would have died bc my body would have tensed up more, i suffered a 4 week concussion and i walked awake alive, he then gotten arrested for a dui and passengers with injuries, when he went to jail , i packed up my stuff and our daughters stuff and i left him , after he gotten out of jail he treaten to kill me and my daughter bc i broke up with him, i then called jso they came out listen to the messages and advised me to get a restraining order on him.In which the judge review my case and granted me a no contact and a no violence PERMENT restraing order and him supervized vistations to his daughter (in which he never made the first attempt to see her at the supervized center)  in 2007,   two weeks after i gotten the restrianing order he then made a phone call violating the order  telling me that if i didnt drop the restraing order he was going to do something stupid to spend the rest of his life in prison bc he couldnt live out me, so i put my foot down and told him no,  three weeks later , he was then on the first coast news for making a phone call from orlando ,fl reporting he killed a guy  in fort myers,florida,  in which he tryed to write a letter to me violating the order to tell me it was self defense , he then sent crime scene photos to my parents home  of the guy he killed , the guy was shot 5 times, and now he is faceing 25 years in prison, in which caused me and my familey to relocate, i havent heard from him since 2007  up until march 2012  when he filed a petition with the court to drop the restraining order , and wanted me to have my daughter released to his mother to go vist him in prison  in an another county out side of jacksonville,  ( my daughter is now 8yrs and he has only seen her  once or twice when she was born)  so in march 2012 the judge reviwed my case and denied his motion to  have my daughter go to a prison to vist him,, and he denined dropping the restrainning order not only bc of it being perment, but bc he added a protection order against him on it ,, bc he treated me in the paper work  to the judge,,   and bc he will be locked up minorty of my daughters minor age ,, the judge Terminated His rights to his daughter,, in which i am now mom and dad to her, i wrote all of this to make it aware there are kids who are out there and no matter what there age is they will still remeber things, bc my daughter was 13months when i left him and at 4 years old she looked at a pic of her dad and said plane as day ( he is a mean man and he will hurt u ) so please  dont make the mistake i have, dont stick around bc u think they are going to change, domestic violence is not ok  and any kids of forms. of it ,, and no matter how old a child is they still can remeber things when u least expect it ...    


Brandy Gee

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it important to sign to help give vitctims of domestic violence or abuse strength and to say there is a way out  , i am thankful for me and my daughter kayla for  being alive, and im sorry for the...

it important to sign to help give vitctims of domestic violence or abuse strength and to say there is a way out  , i am thankful for me and my daughter kayla for  being alive, and im sorry for the loss and grief of the familey of david Hyatt of fort myers, so it is important that everyone signs bc the man held responsible who is in jail should get all the years he truely deserves bc its not ok for abuse, no child should ever have a memory of a parent being abused, not is it the right to kill someone just becouse you want to spend ur life in jail. ...  please sign its also to help keep my daughter safe from him.  thanks everyone sincerally Kaylas mother .. Brandy Gee  of Whitehouse, Florida


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