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Health Canada

For the past several years, Health Canada has been quietly removing thousands of entirely safe dietary supplements from the market. These product restrictions are now becoming more aggressive. Health food stores are not able to stock their shelves with as many specialty formulations nor as many brand names as they used to. Soon our product choices may be reduced to about one-third of what they are now. Products unique to health food stores are disappearing, while those available in pharmacies appear untouched. Under the guise of protecting us from harm, Health Canada is actually causing harm by depriving some of us of safe products that we depend on for our health and well-being.

We as consumers of natural health products believe that they are safe and will not cause us any harm.  We want to have a choice in health care we receive and we would like a full review of natural health products based on the Natural Health Products Regulations, which came into effect on January 1, 2004.

1. Licencing proccess should be made easier for distributors 

2. Definitions for harmful substances as they pertain to natural health products should be reviews and  changed.

3. Backlog of NPN (natural product number) license applications should be addressed and a plan should be put in place so that there will be no interruption of supplies to the health professionals.  Currently this is causing harm to patients that are unable to get herbs and supplements due to government buraucracy.


Alexander Tretjakov

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Because if we don't do something - the government will destroy alternative health industry and our only option for health care will be pharmaceuticals.


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