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When contacting Health Canada please mention to them that they should grant suppliers of natural health products exemption numbers until a complete review of regulations related to "professional use" products can be completed, and that the regulations have been modified for this special category. You can suggest that when that happens, that the formulas then can be re-assessed within the guidelines of this new category.  (Health Canada currently has an exemption process in place due to the backlog of products in assessment. In this case, the importer or manufacturer must sign an attestation that, until their products are fully reviewed, that they are, to the best of their knowledge, safe. We can try and encourage them to use this same process for companies that market products directly to professionals.)

Here are the people you should contact:

Mr. Don BoyerDirector, 

Bureau of Product Review and Assessment

[email protected]

Ms. Michelle Boudreau

Director General, Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD)

[email protected]

Ms. Nancy Richards

Senior Executive Director, NHPD

[email protected]

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