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Put CCTV cameras in slaughterhouses to stop abuse now. FSA to check more and act faster. Close down the offenders. Bring in a licence for racehorses and breeders with the funding from this to go to shelters for re-homing, education, enforcement and disposal of abandon and unwanted horses. 


Racehorse Rescue Centre

Your choice was taken away from you... That is why YOU need to sign... After all the cover-up they now admit there is a problem. Would you eat horsemeat after reading this Cancer-causing drug found in UK abattoirs  Let everyone know it's wrong to slaughter horses for meat. We are not a nation of horse eaters so why should we ship our horses to other countries to suffer this fate and poison our neighbours.  Our horses are not bred for food and they contain toxins that are harmful to people. There is no control like in the breeding of farm animals. Sign and help put a stop to this now. Treat them like pets and dispose of them with the dignaty they deserve. 

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