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Help save the Finnish Wolf - Stop buying reindeer products!

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How this will help

The highly endangered wolf is being killed in Lapland because of the reindeer industry! In an area covering 36 % of Finland's total area which is a very important route for the Finnish and Russian wolves to disperse to other parts of Scandinavia, all wolves are being killed due to too easily granted hunting permits! Reindeers killed by other natural reasons or even only missing reindeer are enough reason for a hunting permit!

Farmers can protect reindeers through other, cruelty-free methods such as barriers.Wolves are being slaughtered just to protect herds of reindeer destined for some novelty meat on your table. Despite of this, travelling agencies in Lapland uses big predators as a marketing asset!

Wolves are threatened by extinction because of both illegal and legal hunting. Wolf hunting permits allows hunters to use helicopters, snowmobiles, ATV's and strong lights which are forbidden in normal hunting. Poachers use poison and illegal traps to kill a wolf. Only few poachers are caught and due to lack of evidence most of them only gets slap on the wrist.

If you are shocked at how Finland treats its wolves and agree that they should be protected and preserved, please join thousands of other concerned people from around the world by pledging to never buy products made of reindeers.

More information and facts about our situation are posted on updates!

Please sign and share, THANK YOU! 

We have only 125-135 wolves left! Don't buy reindeer products with the price of the wolves lives!

Best regards, Suomen Susi ry (The Finnish Wolf Association)

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