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Have my veterinarian submit all information to the VIN if chicken jerky is the suspected cause in th

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"The Veterinary Information Network database for collection of disease data caused by chicken jerky treats is now available to veterinarians only. While only veterinarians may input data, owners with pets that are believed to have died from CJT can contact their veterinarian and request upload of data. This data may be vital to establishing a causal link.

We are looking for any case in which the veterinarian has significant clinical suspicion that jerky treats were involved in the disease. We are most interested in dogs with evidence of kidney failure, Fanconis syndrome or symptoms of, including glucosuria, proteinuria, increased fractional excretion of all electrolytes, and low serum electrolyte values. Additionally, dogs with evidence of hepatic disease including increased alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase can also be included.

If the veterinarian is not a VIN member with a login, they are encouraged to call 800-700-4636"


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