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If you've been watching professional football you probably have your opinion as to what's wrong with the "Houston Texans". As a longtime football fan I would like to see them finally make it to the Superbowl sometime in this decade. Or at least come close. I'm tired of bad plays at the "Quarterback" position. With the direction of the league going toward mobile quarterbacks, I believe the Texans stand a better chance with Vince Young on the team as quarterback.

Its time to do something different, this team has proven good enough to win regular season games, but lacks the greatness that's needed to excel in the playoffs. Vince not only has the talent that reflects a need by the Texans, but he has intangibles, like leadership, that you can't teach. Even from a marketing standpoint, the local support he would receive would be enormous given that he was a local high school standout and the large population of University of Texas Alumni residing in Houston.

The Houston Texans can correct the mistake they made in the 2006 Draft by passing up on Vince Young for Mario Williams who ironically isn't even on the team anymore.

This is "Your City" and "Your Team" and I believe you should have the right to complain about "your team" and whatever it is you think will help solve "the problem". Well, with respect to this Petition, if you believe the problem is centered around the Quarterback Position and it would be a great addition to sign…Vince Young…. please sign this petition.


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