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Raise voice against donations in schools with out recipts

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all over India, parents are at the mercy of private school owners for admission of their kids. They set their fees as per their wish to make high profits. Lot of schools which got lot of rebate from government which means government give them public money/assets at dirt cheep rates shows zero accountability  towards parents(public) and govt. of India w.r.t. transparency and quality of education. They demand heavy donations from parents and that too in BLACK(cash) for which no receipt is provided.but I did not heard that any IT department has ever takeen this seriously.Due to this every year hundreds(if not thousands) of crore rupees are turning into black money. It is truely said that if there could be fire(crime, corruption) without smoke(agitations by public), Indian system would not react even if whole country will turn into ashes by that fire.And in this case since their little hearts' future is at the mercy of these schools parents do not have any other option but to participate in this act of meeting highly unreasonable and illegal demands of school owners.So lets use this media to raise this issue.

And now how can we expect that students of these schools will learn to be a law abiding citizen when schhols in which they study are busy in searching loop holes in law and rules and regulations to maximize their profits.

I also apeal groups like (India against curruption) to take this point so that it can reaches to the deaf ears of Indian school education adminisitaration

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