Sign the Petition to Gath Meeks, Gordon Morris, Sarah Ann Pentecost, and the members of the Weakley County School Board

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I am the proud father of an eleven year old home schooled fifth grade athlete in Weakley County. He will be in 6th grade next year but will not be allowed to play sports for the Gleason K-12 school due to the restrictions in place by the local school board. I need your help in demanding that these restrictions be lifted allowing for all home schooled children to participate in public school sports.

The Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association states homeschoolers can play on public school teams.  However the state of Tennessee has decided that school boards can make their own decisions concerning this issue. Yet there is a strong argument that supports the participation of homeschooled kids in public school sports: The funding of public schools is provided by the taxpayers regardless of their child's enrollment. I pay for public school and choose not to enroll my child, but that should not negate my child's eligibility to play school sports. Census information from 2012 found that there are 42,159 homeschooled students in the state of Tennessee. 

Tennis World Champions Venus and Serena Williams were both home schooled in their youth, but were allowed to play sports for their local public schools. This was also true for NFL player Tim Tebow who grew up in Ponte Verda Beach, Florida. Without these opportunities, it'd possible they never would have become the famous athletes they are today. 

Sports teach the children many things: cooperation, sportsmanship, persistence, and much more. School sports also create friendships and scholarship opportunities. Help stop the schools from denying this opportunity to homeschooled students! Signing this petition will show the the Weakley School Board that citizens stand behind homeschooled children's rights that have been neglected for way too long.


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