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There has been a recent spike in teens abusing cold medication to get really high. I recently had to take a really close friend to the hospital over it and its really sad learning how much it harms you. The main two cold medications that i have herd about is Robitussin DM and Mucinex DM. Im sure there are others and thats why I want to petition that all become over the counter. The reason for makeing them over the counter is to stop the teens from stealling these substances to get high. I have recently learned that the DXM portion of these drugs is whats getting everyone high and can also kill them.

"Teens who intentionally overdose on cold medication might drink an eight ounce bottle of Robitussin or NyQuil. They claim the intentional overdose allows them to feel high, often experiencing hallucinations as a side effect of the overdose. Like any other drug, overdosing on cold medication is addicting. Teens who are lucky will not suffer significant effects due to the cold medication overdose. However, because the high received from the overdose is addicting, the chances for suffering permenant damage are heightened. Individuals who overdose on cold medication can suffer from seizures, psychosis, and brain damage. Overdosers may also experience any of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, confusion, paranoia, impaired judgment, slurred speech, dizziness, high blood pressure, lethargy, numbness in the toes and fingers, blurry vision, excessive sweating, itchy and dry skin, redness in the face, headache, irregular heartbeat, and unconsciousness. Some individuals who intentionally overdose die due to its effects.

A commonly added cough suppressant in cold medications is dextromethorphan, which is responsible for the high intentional overdosers experience. Countless over-the-counter medications include dextromethorphan, also known as, DXM. Not only is this drug readily available for teens, it is cheap and legal, making the drug even more appealing.

What is even more frightening is that the Internet has made the drug available in pure form. Teenagers can buy the drug in capsules to be swallowed or in powder form to be snorted. There are even websites that teach teens how to abuse DXM.

The fact that there are websites teaching teens to abuse DXM disgusts me. While overdosing on cold medication isn't new, I believe it's time to start creating change and keeping teens and young adults safer.

I believe cold medications should be kept behind the counter at drugstores, grocery stores, and other pharmacies where a form must be completed in order to sign out the medication. This will provide alerts to parents whose teens purchase too much cough or cold medication.

Parents should begin talking with their children about substance abuse early. Children and teens need to know overdosing on cold medication is not okay and that it can cause severe, even fatal, damage.

Keeping your over-the-counter medications in a locked medicine cabinet may help reduce overdoses on cold medication. However, until the problem is addressed on a larger scale, cold medications will continue to be available to teens seeking a quick high." Said, Sierra Koester, Yahoo! Contributor Network.
SO PEASE HELP SAVE A LIFE. For more info Visit .


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How this will help

Signing this petition matters because it will help make the awarness of what Teens are doing on their free time. It will also help us let the (FDA) and familys know what these teens are doing with...

Signing this petition matters because it will help make the awarness of what Teens are doing on their free time. It will also help us let the (FDA) and familys know what these teens are doing with medication ment to cure the common cold. HELP REMOVE DXM OR CHANGE THE AGE REQUIREMENT TO 21!

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