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President Community Castilla y León

Avila Council in Spain want to exterminate the wild wolf in all of his natural environment.
This is an immoral and illegal act, promoted by the Livestock Farmers Unions, the very same Unions that are receiving economic founds from the Council in order to preserve the locals ecosystems.
The wild wolf it is a endanger specie who lives at the Duero south region, which is a declared protected area by European Directive 92/43/CEE. The Livestock Farmers Unions are requesting the indiscriminate haunting of this animals, instead looking for alternative solutions that does not drive to the extermination of this beautiful animal from Avila region.

They want to kill them all and the Wolf does not have a voice to defend himself , we speak for them. Please sign and distribute the request to protect the Spanish Wolf.

Thanks from the heart.


Eduardo Rufus

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How this will help

Because its ilegal and a crime.


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