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AUTISM SINGS >>>> GLOBAL effort by people from all walks of life who will support "RELIEF for AUTISM", and recognize the growing need for respite/permanent retreat centers to help shelter all the "soon to be homeless" autistic children and autistic adults. A global disaster!

The current divorce rate for parents of autistic children is 92% and rising, due to the chronic shortage of respite homes that would grant them at least one night's relief to "recharge their batteries" and continue their stressful and sleepless care giving.

The inevitable death of older parents with adult autistic children is coming on stream at an epidemic rate. There are few or NO group homes to receive their children when they die, especially decent homes . When asked what they will do when they die, many mothers of autistic children are saying "they will take them with them", rather than leave them on the streets or in a "nasty home". This is NOT a viable option!

AUTISM SINGS wishes to invite the whole world to join "the cause", and is hoping for a decent and honorable response from a good number of known recording artists/musicians as well as those new recording artists that wish to showcase their songs & music videos, and support "RELIEF for AUTISM"! Those that do, will surely receive recognition from the world at large for their support for Autism Awareness ! Some of these same supporting artists may be contacted for a guest appearance on a pilot for a made for  T.V. television special, or for a television guest appearance, to promote "phoned in" charitable contributions.  All proceeds from such a fundraisers would go to AUTISM SINGS  a duly registered Canadian not for profit organization that will endeavor to build retreat centers. The "HOME ON THE RANGE", will be the first of its' kind in Canada, with more to follow World Wide !

People are requested to TAKE THE PLEDGE  to "support "RELIEF for AUTISM" !  Taking the simple pledge will automatically make you a member of the cause,  OR kindly ACCEPT any invitation to "join the cause" from another member, and in turn SEND your own invitation to others to join you in the cause. Also please take the time to validate our combined efforts by giving us a "LIKE" on face book at

Please join hands, and "band together" with us on our WORLD WIDE mission of mercy!

Send your donations to us at

TWITTER with us at @AutismSingsTVVisit www.Putt4Autism.com


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