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The International Children's Heart Foundation program in Kharkiv, Ukraine is in dire need of a piece of equipment that is on the verge of failing. This equipment is called an image intensifier, a tube that helps produce fuller, more complete images of children's hearts. Without this device the ability of ICHF doctors is diminished to offer complete and thorough diagnostics for children. 

"Basically, the program shuts down," said ICHF Biomedical engineer, David Wieduwilt. "If this device goes out there will be no invasive, no exploratory, no interventional procedures of any kind."

The loss of this device would be devastating to the Kharkiv Department of Cardiac Surgery. The next Babyheart mission is scheduled for January 26th - February 9th. We hope the image intensifier will last through this mission but we are unsure about the remainder of the year. 

The cost of a new image intensifier is well beyond ICHF"s financial capabilities but through our medical device and hospital partners it is possible to purchase a used one for $7,400. If all of ICHF's 16,000 Cause Followers chipped in less than $0.75 each we would easily reach our goal! 

The Kharkiv program has come so far toward saving lives and almost being completely sustainable, fulfilling the ICHF mission, that we can't stop now! Please read the blog below from Dr. Christian Gilbert, ICHF Associate Medical Director, about the Kharkiv program and it's life-saving mission.

There are 3 Babyheart Missions scheduled for 2013 which means 60 operations for children in desperate need. Please help us fulfill our commitment to these children and their families and give them new life. 

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