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No more over medicating patients with mental health problems and no more excluding them from meetings regarding their future. The guidelines are open to interpretation they need to be made clearer, there should also be penalties for breaches no matter how minor they may appear.

I would also like to see one body who can deal with all aspects of a complaint no one can make proper decisions based on half of a story. See Carole's full story here. Justice for Carole.


Sandra Laing

The law states that everyone should have the same rights as anyone else, no matter what their illness or disability but, the mental health laws have been left open to interpretation. This has to change.  Since Carole passed away I have been visiting various forums and websites to see if anyone else has suffered similar situations. I found that we were not alone. The things that kept coming up are as follows:- 1.    The persons past known wishes are being classed as historic. This means that a patients wishes are then simply being ignored. 2.    Decisions should be the least restrictive to and should benefit the patient. Carole was kept in a secure unit for 21 months after we were told that she could be released. 3.    Relatives should be consulted with regard to future care. The doctor can ignore the advice of the relatives who have known the patient their entire lives and prescribe whatever they want. If anything goes wrong they can simply reply that in his or her clinical opinion it was the best thing to do. No matter what that outcome is. Even death. 4.    When allegations of wrongdoing are reported they are not always reported to the authorities. The relatives can not report the crime unless they have proof of it. This has to stop. Any person being made aware that a crime has been committed should be able to initiate an investigation. To see a draft copy of the proposed changes go here.  Call for a change to the mental health laws.


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