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Dear Mr. McCrory,

I am a single mom with 3 beautiful children in the Winston Salem Forsyth County school system in North Carolina. Recently my daughter Sofia was diagnosed with Pauci Immune Glomerulonephritis, which is a rare, aggressive form of kidney disease that rapidly progresses. This letter isn't about her disease though it's more of the main reason why I feel the need to pursue my cause.

To my surprise I have recently found out that my children as well as others are being disciplined as a result of asking to use the bathroom. At Calebs Creek Elementary School in Kernersville my daughter Sofia-whose kidneys are only functioning at 40% even after receiving chemo as well as being on immuno supressant drugs & steroids- was so afraid to ask to use the bathroom for fear of being written up, that she held it in till she came home. With her health condition this could be very dangerous. My son Franco was out of school all last week with bladder spasms due to his homeroom teacher at Southeast Middle school , who did not allow him to use the bathroom because, I quote "it would interfere with my teaching time" also held his urine in so long that when he had a chance to go he couldn't.

I am dumbfounded by both schools actions, even more so due to the fact that I am being treated as if I am in wrong for being an advocate not just for my children but ALL children. It seems the schools are only worried about covering their actions by deleting posts on webpages, not returning calls and sending emails that, in my opinion, are written for their own benefit. I have also been harassed & insulted by PTA members & room moms for what they are calling immature, shameful behavior that is "punishing" everyone.

Since bringing this Health issue to attention, I have heard numerous stories from other parents that have dealt with this same problem ranging from parents of children with disabilities or parents of children with health issue just like myself, even the Nurse Practioners that treated my son Franco.

Please take this letter into consideration as a chance for you to make a REAL change in our community as well as other communities across the country by helping make sure this is no longer an issue for our children, or our public school system. Thank you for your time.

Tiffany Schiano


Tiffany Destefano Schiano

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If you are a parent of a child in the school system, weather you have already dealt with this issue or never want it to happen to your child, please sign this petition and be an advocate for our children.


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