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Whether your concern is about crumbling infrastructure on the Rideau Canal, lack of heritage support for the Rideau Canal, or loss of wildlife habitat due to improper development, you should make your voice known to those in charge.

Please share the Facebook page so that we can continue to grow and so that our voice can get louder! 

If you've read through this website, you'll see that it's not a new problem, the recent cuts have only exacerbated an existing problem of lack of support for the heritage of the Rideau Canal. As noted on this website, there are lots of issues, not simply the recent cuts, to chose from.

Ultimately it is the Government of Canada and the Prime Minister who are responsible for the cuts to the Rideau Canal. They have made a decision to cut support for Canadian heritage while at the same time increasing spending in other areas. It's not a question of money, it's a question of priorities. I'm sure you can come up with dozens of ways that the government is inappropriately spending money other than the modest amount required for the Rideau Canal.

Parks Canada is an agency under Environment Canada. The minister for that department, Peter Kent, can mandate that Parks Canada better support the Rideau Canal. I have written Minister Kent a letter, I've provided a link to that letter at the bottom of this page.

Directly it is Parks Canada who have over the last decade, cut heritage support for the Rideau Canal and now, with a government mandated blanket cut to their budget, decided to make that cut deeper on the Rideau Canal (and other National Historic Sites) than other areas of their jurisdiction.

It is also local politicians (federal, provincial, and municipal) who should be fighting to maintain the heritage values of the Rideau Canal - both for cultural reasons (the direct heritage of many of their constituents) and for economic reasons. They should be championing the Rideau Canal - I've been told that municipal representatives are working "behind the scenes" but they have yet to make whatever they are doing public.

So share this website, talk to your neighbour, start a blog, tweet, write emails, write letters - make your voice heard. You can also sign the petition on the Historic Canals of Canada website - go to:

If you want to contact your MP you can find their contact information here: You can find the address of your local MP here:

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