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Saving The Last Few Wild Tigers From Extinction.

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2013 has started off incredible for me personally and professionally,  so it is with great gratitude that I will offer to match the first 100 dollars donated to saving wild tigers.  For this fundraiser I've chosen the recipient to be The Panthera Corporation.  Although very similar in namesake to us here at Panthera Tigris, they are separate, and have great resources to getting donations to where they really count: The Wild Tigers.  I have great respect for what they do.  We here at Panthera Tigris have 2038 members, if each of us contributed just 1 dollar that would be an enormous help.  But I'm not even asking for that, I am offering to personally match the first 100 dollars raised.  It doesnt matter if its from one of our members, 100 different people or 2038 of us.  

What do you say?  Can you help me get some funds to people who are really making a difference in the fate of the remaining wild tigers?

Merci D'avance,


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