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Spread the supressed technology to heal the world from the co2 emissions and the fuel crisis , and t

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How this will help

For years and years we have been hearing the buzz around us , the world is dying , we are responsible .  what have we done ? spread awareness on what has gone wrong , not about how we can correct this .

what has the political giants done , allote more funds . the came the big names alternative fuels , carbon capture and sequestering etc

but even before it al started , the concern for the environment began . one man , he generated a electrolyzer which could power a car , but the technology is still now supresses , there is a big supression  going on about free energy

it is all over the internet , but why isnt it commercially available in any store

all i have to say it is the , the truth is evident around you in the internet , you can replicate it , use it and heal the world

all i can give you is a couple of names which on the internet will give you the adequate information




and lots more

Information is wealth but in this case here it is a cure

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