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In Beja, Portugal, a 8/9 years old Pitbull, named Zico, was taken to a kennel and is waiting for a sentence. 
The dog is accused of killing an 18 months old baby that, according to the family, fell upon Zico and was killed by him. 
All over the news people are always saying the same thing. That pitbulls are dangerous, they attack, they kill... that Zico never attacked anyone in 8/9 years.. 
But nobody remembered to mention that Zico was a victim of dog fights. He has his ears cut off! 
He was abandoned by his previous owner for losing two dog fights. He was living with a family of gipsies that deprived him from going outdoors since the child (that was attacked) was born. 
And now what? We all know that pitbulls and other dogs that are dangerous need special cares and special ways to be educated. But who's the monster here? Who's the guilty one? How are people excepting a dog that was a victim of violence all his life to be peaceful all the time? 
Help us save Zico from being put down !

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