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On December 14, 2012, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting totaled 20 children fatally 6 adult staff members - all fatally shot, and 2 wounded.

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6 more to go evil flu:

Not making light of this situation, but a silent, invisible killer has invaded the land of the United States once again this year. The flu strain of 2012/2013 has already mounted up a death toll of twenty (20) children; without the use of a gun or weapon!!!

It disturbs me greatly that the country in which most of us reading this reside are focusing on firearm prohibition when people are dying left and right from this yearly visitor.

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"Remember the Alamo!" - Brave Texan Soldiers, 1836

Were not guns one of the factors that helped to liberate our great United States of America from the overseas monarchs from Europe? What do we use to fight in wars? What will we use in case our country is invaded? It will never happen (again)?

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"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it." - Edmund Burke,

Let's take a look at today's circumstances. We were infiltrated on 9/11/01 and planes were crashed into the World Trade Centers. Did anyone on the airplane have a gun to defend the hijackers? Did the hijackers even possess guns? I think we all know the answer to that. So why not put a ban on box cutters? Heck, let's go for all sharp implements!

The death toll for this attack ranges, but a number has risen from a reputable site: 2,753.

For an encouraged reminder, click here:

Or here:

Both of these videos break my heart, but it serves as a reminder to not let those who perished die in vain by letting their ultimate sacrifices be forgotten!

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If we give the president of OUR United States - WE THE PEOPLE - a foothold here, then there is no telling how far our socialistic-tendencied "leader" (see: (now corrupt) Cuba, corrupt parts of Africa, again: Russia - all socialist nations) will take it or when the bans will stop (legal precedence) until we as a country will be left totally defenseless with Russians marching through our yards of Alaska and down through Canada- ARMED and DANGEROUS, with the intent to take all of the United States. How will you protect your children then without guns? I guarantee you there will be more lives taken than these 20 innocent souls. Our nation will writhe in utter chaos.

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Just because we don't have guns does not mean that other countries will not:

If they can hijack a plane of unarmed citizens with box cutters and take all of those lives, can you imagine what they will do with their illegally smuggled guns? We will all be helpless just like the people on the upper levels of the Twin Towers and inside those two planes!

"I apologize (son/daughter - FILL IN THE BLANK), but we're not eating pizza ever again because the pizza cutters have been confiscated."

- Hungry Parent, also know as: Hungry Family

Oh Lord, not this topic again!:

We are currently being infiltrated by Mexico, one illegal immigrant at a time. Do we have enough border patrol with guns there? NO! We have lost, and/or are losing both of these wars.

Woops! Should have sprayed that with WD-40.

Total domination by Mexico below:

Not saying all people from Mexico are bad or have mal intent. But by God this is my country just as much as it is every other American's. And I refuse to sit back and watch our last line of defense be stripped from us! Also, these illegal immigrants are coming from a land where drug cartels rule. (They all have guns)

Spacey Invaders:

What happens if Russia decides to cross The Bering Straight and invade us all? Who will be there to stop them from entering the mainland - Alaska? Canada sure won't be able to. (Sorry Canucks)

Other countries:

As of 2012, Russia's total population was a towering 142,517,670 persons. The United State's total population is at 315,102,000

In 2011, Russia's "Fit For Service" number was 46,812,553 persons. As a country, they reached on average 1,354,202 new army personnel. Their active frontline personnel was 1,200,000, and their active reserve personnel was 754,000.

Here is a site where you can find other facts about this country and their military strength:

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
- John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

The disarmament, and ultimate onslaught:

Right now, meetings are being planned or being held in an attempt to disarm mostly innocent American Citizens, because of a few bad apples. Do you honestly think that if firearms are taken away from sed criminals that this will prevent them from finding another illegal weapon? Except this time, you will be defenseless. Scared yet? You should be!

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left"
- Bertrand Russell

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Benjamin Derrick

How this will help

Let us not forget the vision that our founding forefathers brought with them across the Atlantic Ocean, the tyranny that they faced. Let us not forget the wars that our brave (young and old) men...

Let us not forget the vision that our founding forefathers brought with them across the Atlantic Ocean, the tyranny that they faced. Let us not forget the wars that our brave (young and old) men have fought and perished in. Let us not forget the blood-soaked battlefields. Let us not forget the events that happened on 9-11. Let us not disgrace the men who took up arms to fight against the enemies who were threatening all of our freedom. Let us not forget the past, the present, and our future families - the future generations, bloodline linked by DNA, blood, sweat, fueled by pioneer's and farmer's tears. These future generations will feel the most effect from this dictorial-led cause.

The time is now for us to stand up together as a nation, We The People - United as One Nation. Let us show this beleaguered icon in the image what we stand for and believe in. Let us take control of our second ammendment right. I beg of you - STAND UP and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!!

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